What a Time to be Thankful

Tis the Season, to be thank fun for so many things! In this time of year is when i feel its always best to reflect on the previous year to really appreciate what little things in life we take for granted and how they can be overlooked. This season was like no other for me as i went through many life altering events in my life. So i have so much to be thankful for and have learned many things over this last year. Just to give you a more in depth picture of what ill be talking about and what i am grateful for in this last year, you need to know my story a little more. In the past year or so, I've overcome the transition of moving to Rochester, Mn. I dealt with consequences from my own actions and learned from my mistakes, and also suffered the lose of my mother, days before Christmas. The things I've come to love most from all the events in the last year are my family, friends, and my girlfriend whom came into my life shortly after my mother passing. She has been my foundation and kept me moving forward in life with every single day. My family and friends i cannot thank enough for all the support and blessings they have brought me through my journeys this last year. But what has helped keep it altogether was my history with wrestling and all the life lessons it had taught me along the way. Things such as to never dwell in the past, and to be prepared from the future by learning from your past. To become a model citizen and stand out above the rest, to find out what spereates you from the rest and embrace it. That nothing in life is given to you easily and that you have to work hard for it. From these lessons, I've been able to uphold my beliefs, chase my dreams, and be brave enough to type this blog. So to end my first blog, I'd like to take the time to say "thank you" to everyone who reads this. YOU are the ones who help me become 1% better, everyday! That's my motto for ScheffStrong Fitness and I hope that by following me, I can help guide you to become 1% better, everyday. Thank you!

Nick Scheffert

ScheffStrong Fitness

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